Sunday, 15 April 2012

Upcoming events

We try to keep you informed about all the exciting events we have planned for the year but sometimes the information is a bit difficult to find so we have made some improvments to the website.

You can always find out what is going on by clicking one of the calendar buttons at the top of the page.

But now you can also see more details of upcoming events, book tickets online, contact those selling tickets and find out more on our new Upcoming Events page - this can be found by following the link at the top of the Social Events page.

You can also click the link from our Latest news page to get to the same place. 

So, wherever you are, you are never more than a click or two away from knowing what's going on at Christ Church and the Old Town area.

Remember finally, if you would like to receive a regular update on whats going on you can either:

1. Sign up for our weekly family newsletter which gives you the latest news and the week's parish newsheet.

2. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook

3. Check our website for regular updates.

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